Rex MaughanForever Living Products was founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan, Forever Living Products is now a 2.5 billion dollar company with businesses established on every continent. And the miraculous benefits of Aloe Vera Gel, from which many of our health and beauty products are derived, has been at the helm the entire time. Nature provides the benefits of aloe, and the consumers of our Aloe Vera Gel products reap its rewards. The humble and miraculous Aloe Vera plant has a very long history of use dating back centuries because of its many beneficial properties.
Once you experience our patented Aloe Vera Gel’s wonderful properties for yourself, you will appreciate Forever Living Products ’s dedication to producing the highest quality health products possible.

Aloe Vera the miracle plant

aloe vera plantAloe Vera is a wonder plant, whether you use it as vital ingredient in beauty products or it is consumed as dietary supplement. Aloe Vera is hot fertile region plant, but now it is cultivated in most part of the world. It belongs to the onion/garlic family. There are about 300 species of Aloe Vera. However the most important one is Aloe Barbadensis Miller. It is found to be full of 200 components and 74 known nutrients. This includes some of B vitamins like B12 and most of amino acids, iron, manganese, calcium, Zinc mineral, enzymes etc. According to reports Aloe Vera is found to have various medical and cosmetic properties. Today lots of Aloe Vera products are available in market like Aloe Vera health drinks, moisturizers, cleansers, wound healing creams etc. Today’s Aloe Vera is widely used in beauty products.

Forever Living Products Plantation and Manufacturing

forever living aloe plantationSoon after Rex started Forever Living Products he realized he needed to be in control of every aspect of the business from the plantations to the consumer. Product availability is critical to any business, but when you are dealing with natural products, it becomes that much more crucial to take control in order to ensure quality along with a steady and growing supply. Forever Living Products have grown from a hundred acres required to meet the early demands, to a vast enterprise with plantation in Southern Texas from Harlingen to McAlen and Mission. Nestled in the Caribbean, on the island of the Dominican Republic is a vast plantation which was purchased in 1991. In this tropical paradise below the frost lines, the Aloe plants do very well. In order to assure the distributors of continual supply of Aloe Vera they continuously acquire to buy other acres.

When you deal with natural products you must take extraordinary care in handling nature’s handiwork so that the natural potency is not altered. In order to do this, Forever Living Products has gone to great lengths to ensure freshness and integrity of the products produced. Close by the plantations are state-of-art processing and stabilizing facilities that separate the gel from the Aloe Vera leaf and keep it fresh and potent. The stalilized gel is then shipped and tracked to our fabulous manufacturing and warehouse facility. Here the Aloe Vera Gel is bottled to drink and made into the many wonderful health and beauty products.

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I was searching for natural products to control my heart burn when I was introduced to Forever Living. Right away I start taking Aloe vera gel, Lycium Plus and Fields of Green tablets. Within a few weeks I noticed the difference. I highly recommend these health products for my patients in my practice.
Agnes Bagi
Agnes Bagi
Certified Nurse from Queens
The Marketing Plan and the company's unique products impressed me so much that I made the decision of a lifetime to join -Forever! The most important thing for me is that I am my own boss and I am completely responsible for my business. Thank you for this opportunity.
Alex Tunitsky
Alex Tunitsky
FLP RSD from New York
My fiancée recommended to take Forever Living Products because I had problem with my cholesterol, high blood pressure and I was having joint pains due to my weight. I started with Clean 9 weight loss program and lost 15lbs. I also love the Marketing Plan, it is the best I've ever seen.
Harvey Sherrod
Harvey Sherrod
MTA bus driver from Brooklyn

12 Reasons Why most People Choose Forever Living

  • Superior Products

    Superior Products

    We created the ALOE PRODUCTS INDUSTRY, and our products continue to lead in terms of ingredient and formulation quality.

  • No Pass-Ups

    No Pass-Ups

    Our marketing plan rewards you for your effort. When someone you sponsors excels in sales, you will be rewarded as well and not passed up.

  • Consumable Products

    Consumable Products

    Our top-quality products allow you to easily build a base of loyal customers who regularly purchase replacement products.

  • Bonuses Paid On Retail Price

    Bonuses Paid On Retail Price

    Even though you only pay wholesale prices for your products, Forever Living will still pay you based on the retail price.

  • Multiple Income Opportunities

    Multiple Income Opportunities

    We offer a variety of income opportunities, these include Chairman's bonus and several incentive bonuses.

  • No Demotions

    No Demotions

    Once you are promoted to a certain rank, you will remain at that level for life.

  •  Significant Tax Benefits

    Significant Tax Benefits

    You can substantially lower your tax burden by allowing for various deductions, including office expenses, vehicle costs, business travel, insurance cost and many others.

  • Proven Financial Stability

    Proven Financial Stability

    Our company's sales over 35+ years demonstrate our steady growth, sales history and projected future sales for long-term success.

  • Global Business Opportunity

    Global Business Opportunity

    International presence in over 156 countries. Our decades-long track record is established throughout the globe and demonstrated growth, reliability and quality products.

  • Increased Flexibility

    Increased Flexibility

    Whether you're a part-time mom or a work a normal "day job" doesn't matter - it's up to you how much time and effort you put into your business. And you decide when your work.

  • Extensive Online Support Network

    Extensive Online Support Network

    FLP offers extensive online support from training and seminars, materials to incentives and a helpful staff at regional, national and international levels.

  • 35 Years of Experience

    35 Years of Experience

    FLP has decades of experience within this industry, which guarantees we have solid management, a strong business plan, motivated distributors and quality products.

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