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was established in 1978 and by now it became a multibillion dollar company, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, that manufactures and sells dozens of wellness and beauty products. People just like you distribute these life-enhancing products, providing you the opportunity to own your own business and secure your financial future with a proven plan. With over nine and a half million distributors in over 160 countries, Forever Living Products offers the once in a lifetime opportunity of living a healthier, wealthier life.

Aloe4us is designed and operated by an Independent distributor of Forever Living Products of United States of America. The owner of this website is not an employee of Forever Living or any of its worldwide affiliates. If you are looking for the Aloe Store website of Forever Living Products, please visit here: Forever Living Products Aloe Store

On this website you can find useful information about Aloe Vera based products which includes aloe vera skin care, aloe vera based cosmetics, aloe vera drinks, aloe vera personal care, aloe vera animal care and much more about health related products. The products discussed on this website are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent a specific disease or class of diseases. You should consult your family physician if you are experiencing a medical problem. However many reported extraordinary results after a few weeks of using our 100% natural and pure products.

If you are looking for the best aloe vera skin care products on the market for a reasonable price than you are at the right place.

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Forever Living Products are not sold in stores, you can buy it online or from indenpendent distributors of Forever Living Products. Try to locate the nearest distributor if the Aloe Online Store is not available in your country.

On this website you have an option to buy Forever Living Products:

  1. as a retail customer, just visit my Aloe Store here and buy products at retail price or
  2.  Receive 15% discount after becoming a member / distributor of Forever Living products. Free online registration here: Forever Living Products Discounts
  3.  Register as a Forever Living distributor, use the products, share the products and teach others how to use the products while you making an extra income.

Forever Living Products

Become a distributor of Forever Living Products and enjoy all the benefits of Aloe Vera. Become a member of my Forever Living Team and learn all the secrets I learned since 2008. With a little investment and a couple of hours working a day you can achieve more that you ever dream of. With millions of people just like you who have the same goals in life — better health and financial freedom — Forever Living Products is successful because it values what you value. It gives you the tools to take control and live the life you’ve always wanted.

Please check out this 15 minutes video if you would like to learn more about Forever Living Products.

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I was searching for natural products to control my heart burn when I was introduced to Forever Living. Right away I start taking Aloe vera gel, Lycium Plus and Fields of Green tablets. Within a few weeks I noticed the difference. I highly recommend these health products for my patients in my practice.
Certified Nurse from Queens
The FLP Marketing Plan and the company's unique products impressed me so much that I made the decision of a lifetime to join FLP-Forever! The most important thing for me is that I am my own boss and I am completely responsible for my business. Thank you FLP for this opportunity.
FLP RSD from New York
My fiancée recommended to take Forever Living Products because I had problem with my cholesterol, high blood pressure and I was having joint pains due to my weight. I started with Clean 9 weight loss program and lost 15lbs. I also love the Marketing Plan, it is the best I've ever seen.
MTA bus driver from Brooklyn

12 Reasons Why most People Choose Forever Living

  • Superior Products

    Superior Products

    We created the ALOE PRODUCTS INDUSTRY, and our products continue to lead in terms of ingredient and formulation quality.

  • No Pass-Ups

    No Pass-Ups

    Our marketing plan rewards you for your effort. When someone you sponsors excels in sales, you will be rewarded as well and not passed up.

  • Consumable Products

    Consumable Products

    Our top-quality products allow you to easily build a base of loyal customers who regularly purchase replacement products.

  • Bonuses Paid On Retail Price

    Bonuses Paid On Retail Price

    Even though you only pay wholesale prices for your products, Forever Living will still pay you based on the retail price.

  • Multiple Income Opportunities

    Multiple Income Opportunities

    We offer a variety of income opportunities, these include Chairman's bonus and several incentive bonuses.

  • No Demotions

    No Demotions

    Once you are promoted to a certain rank, you will remain at that level for life.

  •  Significant Tax Benefits

    Significant Tax Benefits

    You can substantially lower your tax burden by allowing for various deductions, including office expenses, vehicle costs, business travel, insurance cost and many others.

  • Proven Financial Stability

    Proven Financial Stability

    Our company's sales over 35+ years demonstrate our steady growth, sales history and projected future sales for long-term success.

  • Global Business Opportunity

    Global Business Opportunity

    International presence in over 156 countries. Our decades-long track record is established throughout the globe and demonstrated growth, reliability and quality products.

  • Increased Flexibility

    Increased Flexibility

    Whether you're a part-time mom or a work a normal "day job" doesn't matter - it's up to you how much time and effort you put into your business. And you decide when your work.

  • Extensive Online Support Network

    Extensive Online Support Network

    FLP offers extensive online support from training and seminars, materials to incentives and a helpful staff at regional, national and international levels.

  • 40 Years of Experience

    40 Years of Experience

    FLP has decades of experience within this industry, which guarantees we have solid management, a strong business plan, motivated distributors and quality products.

"If the diet is wrong then medicines are of no use, if the diet is right then medicines are of no need."
A text from Ayurvedic records - 500BC